There is a non-refundable membership/registration fee of $20 per preschooler, $40 for one family member, $50 per family per school year. This fee helps us with administration and maintenance costs. By choosing Vernon Community Music School, parents can be assured of the quality and professionalism of the faculty and of the suitability of the environment for their children. Membership is a pre-requisite and covers all members of the family. The Registration Fee must be paid when the completed registration form is submitted.

Please complete our 2018-19 registration form to be handed in with your deposit.

The Vernon Community Music School accepts registrations for individual lessons throughout the academic year subject to the availability of a teacher. In most cases where these lessons start after the beginning of the semester, fees are prorated according to the number of remaining lessons. Registrations for class lessons after the commencement of each semester are dependent on the nature of the class and the availability of space.